Mouse Shortcuts

Flume offers some unique mouse-shortcuts to speed up and improve your browsing experience.

General Shortcuts

Mouse Combination Explanation
Two-finger swipe In Column-View mode, a two-finger swipe forward will "push" you to the relevant content as if you clicked on it. The opposite direction two-finger swipe will "pop" you back. The direction adheres to your current scrolling settings as configured in System Preferences > Mouse/Trackpad > Scrolling > Scroll direction

While in the process of making a two-finger swipe, arrow indicators will appear in the Flume main window indicating the direction you are about to move in.
Long-press (left-mouse) Long-press can be used to quickly enlarge media wherever you see it through the Large Preview (Feed, Likes, Explore, Profile, Activity).

Long-pressing on a profile picture, username, hashtag, or location displays previews of that content also.

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