Automatically Refresh

Choose a refresh interval to automatically refresh your feed, activity and notifications badge when Flume is open. Note that the Flume window does not need to be visible, but you must be logged in to an account.
If using Flume with multiple accounts, the refresh will only occur for the currently active account.


Enable or disable displaying photos or videos in Flume. When enabled, all photos or videos will be filtered from the feed, likes and explore views. Photo or videos will still be displayed on profiles.

Use Relative Dates

Will toggle the display of dates for posts between relative (2 hours ago), or absolute (Saturday, April 1st, 2017 13:37). The exact format of absolute dates will depend on your macOS Language & Region preferences.

Automatically Scroll to Top

Enable or disable fixing the scroll position to the first item (top) whenever an automatic refresh triggers, or when manually refreshing. This option only applies when viewing the feed in column-view.

Selecting Posts in Feed

Customize the action that will occur when clicking on posts in the feed.
Shows Detail
Clicking on a post will display the post's details (comments, likes, and user tags) (default setting).
Shows Author
Clicking on a post will display the author's profile.

Higher Quality Thumbnails (Slower)

Enable or disable the option to download higher resolution thumbnail images when viewing content in a grid. As the higher resolution images are larger in filesize, they can take longer to download and appear.
Last modified 2yr ago