The conversation info view lists all the members of a conversation and allows you to view and edit members of a group conversation as well as perform actions related to a conversation.

Naming Group Conversations

By default, a group conversation will be given the name of every member in the group. You can give a group conversation a custom name (up to 20 characters) if you prefer.

To rename a group conversation:

  • Type a group name where the placeholder Group name… appears, or replace the existing name, and press ↩ (ENTER/RETURN) to confirm.

One-on-one conversations cannot be named.

Adding Members to Group Conversations

You can include up to 30 users in a group conversation.

To add a new member to a group conversation:

  • Click the Add People… item. Use the search field to find a specific user, or select from the suggestions that appear using the button. To confirm your selections, click the confirm button.

You can only add users to existing group conversations. It is not possible to add members to a one-on-one conversation.

Removing Members to Group Conversations

It is not possible to remove a user from a group conversation. If necessary, you can block a user.

Reporting / Blocking Conversation Members

Learn more about reporting and blocking conversations.

Leaving Group Conversations

Learn more about ways to leave group conversations.