Conversation Info

The Conversation Info view lists all the members of a conversation and allows you to view and edit members of a group conversation as well as perform actions related to a conversation.

Naming Group Conversations

By default, a group conversation will be given the name of every member in the group. You can give a group conversation a custom name (up to 20 characters) if you prefer.

To rename a group conversation:

  • Type a group name where the placeholder "Group name…" appears, or replace the existing name, and press ENTER/RETURN to confirm.

[info] One-on-one conversations cannot be named.

Adding Members to Group Conversations

You can include up to 15 users in a group conversation.

To add a new member to a group conversation:

  • Click the Add People… item. Use the search field to find a specific user, or select from the suggestions that appear using the button. To confirm your selections, click the Confirm button.

[info] You can only add users to existing group conversations. It is not possible to add members to a one-on-one conversation.

Removing Members to Group Conversations

It is not possible to remove a user from a group conversation. If necessary, you can block a user.

Reporting / Blocking Conversation Members

Learn more about reporting and blocking conversations.

Leaving Group Conversations

Learn more about ways to leave group conversations.

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